Repeating a single event within a trial


I couldn’t find an answer to this question on the forum, so I was wondering if anybody could help me out.

We’re building an experiment in SuperLab that consists of both a training and testing phase. These involve a test where the participants select the word they hear. In the training phase, which was built using lists of images (to represent the words) and audio (to play the words), if they give the wrong response, ideally they should be able to hear the word again and select the correct answer, by restarting that specific event.

In other words, each stimulus from the randomized list should be repeated until the participant selects the correct answer.

I previously looked for a way to repeat events (for instruction screens), and here we managed to circumvent the issue by creating distinct trials for each repeatable action (such as clicking a loudspeaker to listen to a stimulus), which then have a “restart trial” function associated to them. But in the context of randomized testing this isn’t possible.

Does anyone have a solution to our problem? Hopefully I’m overseeing a simple solution…

Can you post your experiment? I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind revolving around the When to Present tab as well as the trial collection parameter.

Thank you for your reply and your willingness to look at our experiment. I added it in attachment, alongside a couple of notes that will provide you a bit more context/information about the experiment.

Experiment (14.7 MB)

Notes on experiment.pdf (21.8 KB)

Please help me understand further. You have brought up the general predicament of not being able to restart a specific event rather than a whole trial. However, in this case, you are only presenting text and image events before the audio which smoothly draw over themselves. Why doesn’t the event feedback, Restart trial when the response is not correct, suffice?

Well it seems that does it :slight_smile:

The reason why I didn’t consider this (admittedly simple) solution, was that it didn’t work for the instruction screens. There, adding a restart trial to, for example, the second instruction screen in a sequence of instruction screens would take the participant right back to the first instruction screen. So I was under the impression that adding the same feedback to the training trial would each time present the entire list of stimuli from the start.

As I understand it now, SuperLab treats the presentation of each sequence within a set of stimuli lists (in this case, two image lists and an audio file list) as a single trial, rather than treating the entire procedure of presenting all of the stimuli from these lists as a single trial.

It works to our advantage either way, so thank you for clarifying.

You are very welcome. Please do not hesitate if you ever have more questions.