Repeat trials marked as too slow after the current block


we are trying to implement a RT experiment with auditory stimuli.
In our experiment, we want to present trials marked as “slow” randomized again after the current block is done.
(NOT directly after the trial marked as “slow”…)
We want to present totally just 10 trials per block (we solved it in “when to run”), but the trials marked as “slow” should be repeated after all these 10 trials are presented.
We defined in “feedback” that “too slow” is more than 1000 ms and also made codes (“slow” and “OK”).

Thanks in forward!

Best regards,

Rie & Samira

  • For your default you need to mark your trials as "slow"
  • Under the [B]Trial Editor[/B], create an expression that states "Current Trial's Code Value Is Set To "slow"
  • For the second block, all the trials that were marked "OK" will not be presented