Repeat last event

I have created an experiment in which judges are asked to listen samples of children vocalizations after adult singing, and classify each one as repetition, conditioned exploration, free exploration and non-related. They must provide the answer clicking one of four possible buttons on the screen.

I was able to create the stimulus sequence and the answers screen with those four buttons. Ideally, the responses screen should appear during the presentation of sound stimuli, to allow each judge seeing the possible answers while listening. But, for some reason, the answers screen appears only after each stimulus presentation. Is it possible to have the presentation of two events (audio file and answers screen) at the same time?

Also, it would be great if the judges could hear the appropriate number of times each of the samples where needed. Is it possible? I was thinking about a 5th button that, when selected, would allow the repetition of the last audio file before the judge select any of the other 4 buttons.

I am using SuperLab 4.5 running on a Mac OS X.


Repeat last event - update


I was able to solve the first issue but still have difficulties in the second one. I created a 5th button - “Listen again” - in the same event (picture file type) where I had the other four buttons. My intention is that when the judge has doubts about the classification of one specific audio file it would be possible for him to listen again that file, when pressing this 5th button.

What I did so far was attaching two code values (one for the first 4 buttons which I called “Categories” and another for the 5th button which I called “Re-Listen”) in the Stimulus List Editor. And in the Correct Response Panel I linked “Categories” to each one of the categories described in the above thread, and linked “Re-Listen” to “Listen again”, as the correct response, for those code values.

The problem is that the “Feedback” panel doesn’t provide any action which enable the presentation of the last stimulus heard.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong? Or is it just impossible to repeat an item of this event?

I pretend to have the experiment running very soon (I already booked with judges) so I’m looking forward for any response.

Thank you

You can do this if you designate the 5th button as a “correct response”. This way you can use the feedback function to present the audio event again. However, you must create a separate event with the audio file that you would want the participant to play again.

Repeat last event

Hi Monika

Thank you for your response.
From what I see SuperLab only allows you to use “The Same file every time” or “a file chosen from the list”. Is there any chance of creating an event that just repeat the presentation of a specific file that the judge asked to be repeated?

Go into one of your events so that you open the Event Editor window, then click to the Feedback tab. Under the window to the left of the screen it is labeled Provide Feedback if: here you will create feedback based on a correct response. After you have done this, create a new action under the What to do window. You will select “Present Event” and then select your audio event here.

Hi Monika

Thank you for your suggestion.
It works fine!