Reorder Trials for multiple versions of task?


I am trying to create multiple versions of a task for test-retest. I would like to present the same trials in different orders across sessions. The task requires verbal responses, so we can’t just use the “randomize” function each time (we need to create answer sheets, so “Version 1” has to have the same trials in the same order for all participants, as does version 2, version 3, etc.).

Currently, the only way we can find to accomplish this is to put all the trials in the order we want them for version 1, then copy and paste them all and manually reorder them to create version 2, and so on. We have ~100 trials, and want to create 5-6 different versions using all trials for each version, so this is quite a tedious process.

Is there an easier way to create blocks with trials in different orders?

You can try using the Participant Groups feature within SuperLab, which is found under the Experiment menu. If you create participant groups you can choose “Randomize once per group of participants.” This will cause the same shuffled sequence to shuffle the same every time you run the experiment.