Renewal not working

Hi there,

I’m trying to renew a license on Superlab 4.5.3 and it is behaving rather strangely. It asks for email address, password and length of activation as normal, and tells me that I have been successful in reactivating the licence. However, the copy is not in fact activated. The message at the end where it tells me how many activations I have remaining reports that the number has not changed and that I have 3 activations remaining, however it should be at 2.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?



The problem seems to have resolved itself now.

Renewal not working

Hi there,

we have simliar the same issue.
Your activation ends before 2 days.
Yesterday i tried to renew the software. It won´t work. please see the screenshots attached.
Furthermore for whatever reason i can´t renew the activation for more than 28days. This is really frustrating… maybe you have an explaination for this as well.





I will contact you via private message. If you have any licensing questions in the future, please email us from the link below.