REMOTE - SuperLab 6

I’m wondering if, once I have my experiment setup, can I post the ZIP file on a website and/or drop-box? I’m asking because I’m likely using SL for my honors project and I need the method of distribution to be efficient.

Please note: this would be for SL6

If you want participants to be able to download the ZIP file and run the experiment without having to buy SuperLab, you can do that with a SuperLab Remote subscription.

I have SuperLab, and for the task I’m doing, it’s a great platform. I’m wondering if the experiment ZIP file can be uploaded to my Google drop-box so that participants will only need a link to access this drop-box and ZIP file…rather than sending the ZIP file to each participant.

With SuperLab Remote, you can create a ZIP file (remote package) that contains your experiment, all your stimuli files, and all the files that are needed to run the experiment. You can then place this ZIP file on Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and email your participants a link.

That’s exactly what I wanted to know. This makes everything much easier. Thank you for your help!

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My pleasure. :grinning: