Recording several stimuli in the same output line


I’m struggling with this experiment, I hope someone can give me some help.

I’m presenting a word and a face at te same time. The word presented is chosen from a list of two at random. I managed to record both stimuli in the output file, but in separate lines. Is there a way I can get the data about wich word was presented in each trial to appear in the same line with the face? Codes maybe? That would make data analysis much easier.


PS: I’m attaching the experiment and an output file in case it helps. Words, codes and stuff are in Spanish.

[SIZE=“2”]More info about the experiment:
-The participant sees a face and a word and he has to choose between cooperating or defecting. Each trial consists on a word, a face and a feedback.

-Each face can also cooperate or defect (random, 50% probability of each action). In every trial there are two events with the same face but different feedback. The presentation of one face prevents the experiment from presenting the other.

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Ok, I’m uploading a picture so it might be easier to explain. I would only need to get the code in the column “grupo” to tag the second event of the trial. The code says wich word was presented in the first event. As you can see there are two events recorded per trial. I don’t know if there is a way or I’ll have to write it myself in each data file.


We recommend doing this within the spreadsheet. Here is video tutorial showing how this is done:

Thank you very much!