Recording responses for feedback events


I have an experiment which involves presenting facial expressions and a list of facial expression labels. I only want the facial expression to be presented for 500 ms, but I want the emotion labels to remain on the screen until a response is made. i’m recording responses via a voice key. At the moment the labels are represented via feedback if no response is received within the 500 ms that the facial expression is displayed. However, the data file is not recording the response when it is made after the facial expression is removed. Also, after the participant’s response, i need to code their response so I can’t use the option to skip the remaining events in this instance.

Any ideas why I’m not obtaining RT data for responses made on feedback events, is there something that I’m missing?


Which version of SuperLab are you using? Ever since SuperLab was introduced back in January 1992, responses to feedbacks were not recorded. This was by design but I believe that it was changed in version 4.0.4, released in July.