Recording responses during digital output event

Hi there,

We are currently using a digital output event to trigger a vibrotactile stimulus during the display of a movie. Participants need to respond during the digital output event, but i) we do not want the vibrotactile stimulus to switch off after a response is made, and ii) we need superlab to record the response time.

Thus, the current set-up in superlab is:

  1. We play a movie event (“wait for movie to finish…” is deselected, and the movie is allowed to continue playing until the end of the trial)
  2. There is a blank text event lasting for 2500 ms (ISI)
  3. Digital output event – 620 ms – which turns the vibrotactile stimulus on for the pulse duration. We would like participants to respond at a freely chosen time during this stimulus, but would not like the response to extinguish the stimulus

Basically, we have tried running this sequence with the digital output event input set to “immediately after the event is presented,” and “record and save response” selected. Here, neither the event or the response is recorded in the data file.
Q1: Is it possible to record a response made when the input is set to “immediately after…”?

Ulteriorly, we have tried it with the digital output event ending after a correct response (using feedback to continue the vibration). However, in this set-up, the event itself, but not the response per se, is recorded in the data file (i.e. saved data file shows the TTL event, but says NR instead of C).
Q2: If this workaround is necessary, is it possible to record a response at all during a digital output event?