Record RTs across multiple events


I am presenting a picture stimulus, followed by a cue (another picture which appears overlaying the first), followed by a different picture stimulus and the same cue presented again. The cue is supposed to appear as one image, but I have had to re-present it after the second picture stimulus because otherwise it is hidden by the picture. I want to record a key-release response, and the RT of this response relative to the inital appearance of the cue. The problem is that the key response could occur during the first or second cue event (i.e., before or after the underlying picture has changed) or even after the stimulus has disappeared (it is replaced by a blank screen for 1000ms before the next trial. Therefore, I am recording any responses during three events: the first presentation of the cue, the the second presentation of thew cue. and the blank screen at the end of the trial. I am resetting the timer on the first cue event. It seems to be working properly, but it is annoying having four events recorded per trial in the data file (four because both the key release and press are recorded).

  1. Is there a way to ignore key presses, if key releases are the response of interest?
  2. Is there an easier way of achieving what i am trying to do (i.e., rather than recording in different events when I am only looking for one response per trial)

I realise this might not be very clear without seeing the experiment. I am happy to send the files privately, or to speak to someone directly if possible. I would really appreciate some confirmation that I am running this optimally before I start testing participants!

Many thanks

For your first question, it is possible to ignore key presses but only in version 5:

For the second question, you cannot omit events from being recorded in the data file, but you might find this screencast helpful in the post-processing.