Record response regardless of whether it during stimulus presentation or after


I want to display target words on the screen but for only a short period of time. Participants will be asked to respond to the target word by pressing one of two keys. However, I don’t want them to have to wait until the word has disappeared from the screen before responding.

To achieve this I would need to be able to record a response either while the word is still on the screen or, if no response was made in that interval, wait on blank screen for a response.

Is that possible?


Since you want your events to collect responses while the stimulus is up and after it is masked, you have to make sure SuperLab does not ask for a response. You can do this by using the Feedback option under the Event Editor. Have a feedback for a correct response and an incorrect response. Then, under the What to Do section for both the incorrect and correct responses have it “Skip any remaining events and present next trial”.