Recognition Accuracy Data

Hi, I apologize if this is a very simple question, but our lab is having difficulty getting accuracy data for a recognition test. The responses available to participants are Old or New, and the study items are coded as such, but we’re getting no accuracy data for each response, only the actual response. Are we missing something?

If by “accuracy data” you mean reaction time, then it should be present in the file. How are you viewing the data?

Not RT, accuracy

Hi, we’re not interested in the reaction time, but the accuracy for responding to each type of item (list items, critical items, etc.) in terms of a 1 (accurate response) vs. 0 (inaccurate response.

SuperLab uses C, E, NR, and SC for Correct, Error, No Response, and Self Correct (that’s when the participant has made an error first and then provided the correct response). But these can be changed to 0 and 1 if you like by clicking on the Experiment menu and choosing Options. In the dialog that appears, click on “Error Codes” on the left.

Also, make sure that you have things set correctly in the Event Editor’s Correct Response tab. If an event’s correct response is set to None, any response is correct, then the only error code that you will see in the data file is C (or 1).