reading time and auditory probe

I’m a ph student using SuperLab for the first time.
I’m trying to program an experiment that will present 3 texts (part of a narrative) and, at variable times, present auditory probe (auditory secondary task:o)
I want to record either if the participant press the key-button where he hear the sound either her reading time.
How can it be done?

Thanks a lot!

I think if you look at the following thread you will get a good idea how it’s done:

Thanks, I will try to look at that thread!:slight_smile:

Sorry, but how do I do to present a single tone in different intervals of time while the participants read the text?
The thread presents a continuous sound.

I would suggest using a blank text event for the intervals between your audio. You can use a Trial Variable for Reaction Time to make the intervals different lengths.

After you set up your Trial Variable, select Variable under or a time limit, whichever happens first, under the Input tab in the Event Editor. This will be done in the blank text events.


I will try:D

package practice-trial

Dear MonikaT,
I try to send you my experiment package.
Maybe I found how to send attachments:confused:
Thanks for your attention and your suggestions (13.1 KB)

Do you want it to beep every time there is new narrative event, or every third event? Also, for the events with the narrative, do you want it to continue based on the participants response, or is a time limit sufficient?


Hi, MonikaT
I want it to beep for a 1 ms, in a random time manner, several times (e.g. 10 times) in every case that a narrative event is presented. I want to stop the random tones when the participants finish to read the entire text (divided in 2 0r 3 event text).
That’s the problem: the reading is an activity self-paced!!! And I want to record either participants reading speed either participants tones detection (reaction times).
Thanks in advance! I wait for your suggestions!:o

I think the best way to approach this is to do a pseudo randomization. Try creating a few sound files with the ten beeps in random order. This way you will not have to use a blank text event, or the randomization within SuperLab.

Thanks, I will try
Best regards:)