Reaction Times in Keyboard String Response

Hi all,

Am running an experiment with a series of trials, where in each trial I present participants with text describing hypothetical scenarios and ask them to create a written response in a text box at the end of trial.

So each trial is made up of 3 events: (1) scenario is presented, after reading it participant presses spacebar to progress to (2) a question prompts them to provide a response, and (3) would be the written response the participant provides, before pressing return key to end trial.

Problem is, the RT I really want to measure is the time between when (2) the question asked of them appears on screen, and when they strike the first key in their written response.

How can I ensure that the moment when they strike the first letter in their written response serves both as the mechanism that ends event (2)/begins event (3) but also ensure that this character they strike appears in the text box rather than just acting as a trigger for the text box to appear?

Or otherwise how can I ensure that the timer is reset upon the participant striking the first key of their response with the character being preserved as part of the written response.

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By default, SuperLab resets the RT timer at the onset of the first event in the trial. In your case, the timer would be reset as soon as the (1) scenario is displayed.

If you want to reset it for a subsequent event, the option that you need is the Reset RT timer checkbox in the Event Editor’s Input tab.

One more thing regarding your other question: yes, the RT is measured from when the first key in a string response is pressed.

I was searching the forum for the exactly same situation with OP. In short I am trying to record the time between the string input box pops up and the first letter the participant enters. I also want to get the full reaction time of the complete answer.

I’ve been trying to accomplish this by creating a duplicate of the event that asks for an answer to be inputted. I set the presentation of this event to “invisible” and event end behavior to “after any response”. However in order for superlab to accept the string input response I guess you have to press enter - it doesnt work like single key press functionality. In the end even I hit enter after the first letter the second string input box pops up and the letter I inputted in the firstplace disappears, giving me empty input box.

I dont know if there is anyway to get around this problem, but for the current experiment I really need to get the reaction time of first inputted text within the input box. It could be really cool if the program provided RT for each inputted letter.

Hello smlcrm,

To record the time between the onset of the string input box and the first letter that the participant enters, please read Hisham’s previous posts.

To attain the time between the first letter that the participant enters and the completion of the participant response, you can start a timer before the beginning of the response event. The appropriate time will be the difference between the timer value and the RT of the response event.