Reaction Time experiment with different length stimuli


I apologize if this is a re-post. I was unable to find an answer and am very new to superlab. In trying to run a reaction time experiment where I have video stimuli of different lengths. Participants are supposed to respond to a particular event during the video. Once they respond, the video is interrupted. However, some videos require no response in which case, I want the video to end and move onto the next event immediately. However, I want both options (responding and withholding response) as possible responses to calculate accuracy.

I managed to get it to interrupt the video with a response by indicating to move on to the next event when receiving a response in the input tab, and indicating to wait for response by participant and end the video in the “presentation options”

However, for the trials that don’t require a response, it just ends the video and waits for a response which I don’t want it to do. But i do not know how to set this up. I don’t know if there is some way to manually assign timeout durations for each stimulus (as they are well different) or if there is some other solution but I would greatly appreciate your help!

Thanks so much in advance!