RBX 530 buttons don't end events


I have an RBX 530 response pad connected to superlab 4.5 and a stim tracker. I have assigned buttons and ‘correct reponse’ settings to the pad, but when I run the experiment the response pad works only for the instructions events. When I move on to the first List of stimuli, when the first trial happens and i press the ‘correct’ button, spuerlab does not end the event and move on to the next one. It just hangs. The box is working because button presses do move through the intstruction events. The box is also correctly sending even markers. The only problem is that a button press does not end the event, even when the press is ‘correct’. Can you advise?

Can you post your experiment as an Experiment Package? This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

Thanks. I figured it out – I think the button box has malfunctioned because when I use my other box everything works fine. So maybe the other box is damaged?

The link below contains a test experiment for the RB-530. Please download to see if your RB-530 works within the experiment.