RB-834 delayed game progression for green/yellow button press in same event for one block only


I have programmed a task of four blocks (22 trials per black) using the RB-834 response pad.

In every trial in each block, participants are first asked to select either themselves or the ‘computer’ to play. Regardless of their choice, they are next presented with the same stimulus asking which of the large coloured squares they think hides a circle. However, this stimulus is presented via 2 events, which present according to whether the participant chose themselves or the computer to play. The Comp event is set to move forward only after a variable 1-6 second time limit. The Self event moves to the next trial only after a correct response, which is any of the 4 large coloured buttons.

We do not record or care about which button participants press in the Self event, and this event runs smoothly to the next trial when any one of the large buttons is pressed in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th trials. However, for some reason, in the first block, when the green or yellow squares are chosen, the stimulus jumps, but remains for another 2-3 seconds before moving to the next trial. The game moves forward smoothly when the blue and the red buttons are pressed, and when any of the four large buttons are pressed in the other three rounds.

Importantly, it is the exact same event that presents for every trial in this, and the other three rounds. Each trial in each block is attached to one different event asking whether the participant wants to play themselves or have the computer play for them (for varying levels of points). There are then rules at the trial level which dictate whether the Comp or Self event follows, depending on the choice of the participant to the original trial event.

Interestingly, when the correct responses are altered, so that the task moves forward only when one of the four large or small green or yellow buttons are pressed, the same delay occurs only in the first round. When the correct response is changed to any one of the small or large red or blue buttons the game proceeds normally.

All dip switches on the response pad are set to 0/down.

I have brought this to my School’s IT support, who has also spent hours trying to find the root of this issue. Neither of us can find a problem with the programming.

If someone could offer some support/ insight/ advice on how I may address this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

My kindest regards,


Hello Lorna, this is the sort of question that is better handled via screen sharing. I’ll send you an email shortly to arrange for a Zoom meeting.