RB-834 and Mac OS 10.9.3

I am running SuperLab version 4.5.4 on a Mac OS 10.9.3.
Software is working fine but I cannot connect to my Response box RB-834.
I guess I need the correct Driver files but on your website all I can find is drivers for Mac OS up to 10.6 (and they don’t work).
Thanks for your assistance

When using the response pads on Maverick you might see a popup. This is a Gatekeeper message and you can get by it by following the steps on this webpage: http://cedrus.com/support/superlab/tn1507_mountainlion.htm

Then, you can download the drivers from the link below.


thank you.
In the meantime, I have noticed that after a couple of re-booting cycles, the response pad now works on my imac