RB-620 Response Pad


I tried to make a Serial Reaction Time Task. And I have a RB-620 Response Pad.
My problem is: It does not work with the keys of response pad. If I use normal keyboard keys, it works…

It only works with response pad, if I choose : the correct response is any key…But if I choose : the correct response is button 1 etc., it does not work!

What can be the reason?
I would be very happy, if someone can help me,

funny RB-620 Response Pad

It is really funny. When I use Version 2, my response pad works. But if I use Version 4, it does not:(…and something funny happens: sometimes when I press one button, then systems makes more than one actions:)

Does this mean; this pad does not function with version 4…or do I make something wrong?!

The RB-620 is fully supported in version 4. In fact, with version 4 you can now detect key releases in addition to key presses.

In my experience, when a key press seems to generate more than one action, that’s usually an indication of an incorrect baud rate. Double-check that:


  • You selected the correct model (the RB-610 works at a different speed/baud rate)
  • All the switches on the back of the RB-620 are in the down position [/LIST]


  • very thank you!

    Dear Hisham,
    thanks a lot for your help!
    I thought the thirth switch must be down like for the model 610.
    Do u know maybe how to do stimulus interval in version 2 ?
    I made it, but the screen does not erase. It erased only in version 4.

    Thannnk you,

    Hello Cigdem,

    The ISI version had a bug in version 2. I recommend instead that you use a Text event to erase the screen and function as an ISI. Just leave the edit field empty.



    Thankksss againn!
    Then maybe it is better to use version 4.
    Greetings from Würzburg!