- RB-530 - Win XP 32bit - SuperLab couldn´t find an RB-x30 response pad

Hi there,

we have a strange behaviour with our response pads:

we have 3 x RB-530 pads.
Running at 4 different Systems (3x Win XP 32bit / 1x Win 7 32bit)

At one Win XP 32bit system 2 response pads does not work (see err msg below) however the 3rd response Pad works fine.

Err Msg: “SuperLab couldn´t find an RB-x30 response pad connected to this computer”

In my mind it couldn´t be related to the driver as the one other response box works.
But this 2 response box which does not work at this one PC works fine at other systems despite different OS.

any ideas ?
my first idea is reinstalling the driver at the “fault” system


This seems like a driver installation issue. I would recommend a reinstall of the USB driver.

However, sometimes Windows does not prompt you for a driver install when you plug-in the response pad. In that case, the culprit is usually an installation gone wrong. You can tell by running the Device Manager with the response pad plugged in:

    When the USB driver is installed correctly, it will be listed under the section “Ports (COM & LPT)”
  • When it is not installed correctly, it will typically be listed under the section “Other Devices”
If not installed correctly, it is a good idea to remove the currently “installed” driver first. To do so, right-click (in the Device Manager) on the response pad item. A menu appears, chose [B]Uninstall[/B]. Afterwards, if you unplug the response pad and re-plug it, Windows will prompt you to install the USB driver.