RB-530 response pad not detected by Xidon

I have a Cedrus RB-530 that I’m trying to use with the pyxid2 library (since I’m using a Python application for my experiment). However, the response pad is not detected by the library, thus, I installed Xidon2 with the device switched to XID mode (all switches down) and it’s still not detected (‘No XID device detected’ when I select ‘Search for Device’).

I have checked and the USB driver is installed correctly, the response pad appears as USB Serial Port (COM4). I even reinstalled the FTDI drivers anyways, and that still didn’t help. I’m not sure where to go from here. Do you have any suggestions of what could be wrong with the device and/or possible troubleshooting steps?

It is odd that the response pad would not be detected when the Device Manager in Windows lists it. It could have stopped working. If you want to send it back for inspection, please send us an email.