RB-530 on Windows 11 64bit and NBS Presentation

Hi, We have used RB-530s without any major issues on machines running up to and including W10. Today I have installed the Cedrus extension for Presentation on a W11 machine following the instructions on Using RB-x40 Response Pads with Presentation and it appears to register correctly. However, Presentation is unable to see the response box. Any advice please?

Did you download the Presentation extension? or was it copied over from an older installation?

I ask because we updated the extension last September and that seemed to have resolved all issues with installation since then.

Hi Hisham,
I downloaded the Presentation extension yesterday and it worked on my Windows 10 laptop but not the W11 PC leading me to think that it was a W11-related issue. However, this morning I had another go, and I think that the issue was actually the VCP. I reinstalled that and now everything works beautifully.
Thanks for your response and inspiration to not blame MS :slight_smile:

Best wishes

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Hi Heather, I’m glad it’s now resolved, regardless of who is to blame. :wink: