Randomly presenting only 1 image from each list


As part of my experiment, I have three lists of 24 images: 24 different images of Person A, 24 of Person B, and 24 of Person C. Each participant can only see one image of each person, but they must see 1 of the 24 images randomly and in random order (e.g., Persons B, C, and then A).

I can’t seem to get Superlab to do this. I either end up presenting only the first image from each list (hence not randomly selecting from the list of 24 images) or I end up presenting all 72 images in random order.

How can I present only 1 image from each list randomly and in random order? Thanks in advance!

P.S. I have tried fiddling with the code values, but I’m not sure I understand them fully, as I don’t know when/how their values change from True to False.

The sample experiment from the forum thread below should be very beneficial in helping you create your experiment.