Randomly present sim to specific locations

Is it possible to get SuperLab to randomly present one from a series of images to one of two locations in a random manner.
For example, I want to present a series of 36 images to either the left or right of the screen. So, I want to present the 36 images in a random sequence for each participant. But, I also want to present the images to either the left or the right in a random sequence.

any help and/or ideas about this would be much appreciated

Take a look at the attached experiment for an example.

First, you should create a stimulus list for your images. Make sure that the stimulus list is randomized via the related trial’s List Access options.

Then, create a trial variable with Level Selection set to random w/ replacement. Set the position of the event that presents the stimulus list to this trial variable.

left-right-random.sl5 (3.94 KB)