randomizing two lists

I have two lists of stimuli - primes and targets. I want tp randomize the pairings without repetition, anew for each participant. Can be done?

Hello Yossi,

Set up your first event with your your fist stimlus list. Then, go to the experiment menu, and click on “Expand Events That Use Lists”.

Make sure you don’t link the stimulus list until its been expanded. Now you can make your next event with the second stimulus list.

I hope that helps.

Another possibility

Generally in a priming experiment, you want a certain prime to always go with a certain target. If that’s true, then you would need to make trials with two stimulus events and randomize the trials.

It appears that at least with textual stimuli, you can do this with two stimulus list events.

primetarget.sl4 (5.24 KB)

Thanks Monika and gshenaut (is it Greg?),

I know I can create fixed pairings and then randomize their presentation. The thing is that in any particular trial (an experimental trial, not a virtual Superlab trial) I want words from a specific class of primes to be randomly paired whit pictures from a specific class of targets.

Expanding events that use lists does not help since anything that I could have arranged at that level cannot be transferred to the actual program.


I listed a sub-optimal workaround for you here.