randomizing stimulus lists


Is it possible to randomize the presentation order of stimuli within two separate stimulus lists? Two stimuli are being presented on the same screen. Each comes from a different stimulus list. I would like the pairing of the stimuli to be unique for each participant. For example:

participant 1
A5 B1

participant 2

Only there is 100 pairings and 60 participants. If it is possible how would I achieve this?

SuperLab does not have the capability to do this.

I have been able to do what I described above. It works when I only have a small number of blocks but I need 400 blocks for my study. When I try to load it it takes forever and crashes.

Attached is how I made it work. Any suggestions?

samo.sl4 (44.5 KB)

What version of SuperLab are you using? Since your experiment is most likely too large to post here, I will private message you with more information on where to post.

We counted at least 160 blocks that are each linked to 100 trials i.e. at least 16,000 trials. The experiment does launch on my iMac, however it did take 3 minutes before it started, when it ran it was very slow. If the experiment can be done it needs to be approached differently.