Randomizing rating questions and stimuli


I would like to have my participants rate two classes of stimuli, say pink and blue ones.

For the pink ones, I’ll ask “How pink do you find the object?”, for the blue ones “How blue do you find the object?”

By presenting two picture events at the same time, my participants will see the stimulus with the question and rating scale displayed below.

I would like to present pink and blue objects in random order and of course, the appropriate question (“how pink”/“how blue”) always needs to appear together with the stimulus.

So in short what I need is this:
two classes of always having the appropriate rating question attached to them
items (and their respective questions) appear in random order.

Is there any economic way for me to do this?

Would be grateful for you saving me a lot of work with your answers.


You can achieve this by setting up your experiment like the diagram below. You will need one block and two trials. Also, you will need to randomize under the Block level.

Block -----> Pink Trial ----> Pink Stimuli (Stimulus List)
…------> Pink Rating

… -------> Blue Trial ----> Blue Stimuli (Stimulus List)
…-------> Blue Rating