Randomizing pictures from a list

Hi, I have 100 pictures set up to present themselves in a list within an event. They are labeled A-Z (with varying subletters) in a folder on my desktop. Problem is, I don’t want the pictures to be presented in alphabetical order (they just happen to be mismatched alphabet letters).

Is there any way to randomize they way the images w/in the list are presented? Other than renaming them in their desktop folder that is?

Also, I need participants to respond to as many of these images as they can within a 5-minute time frame. Is there a way to program that with a list of images? All the timing options I’ve tried so far only focus on how long each image stays on the screen…


Yes, you can randomize you images under the block Level. Regarding the 5-minute time frame, this will be done at the block level as well.

You will create an expression under the When to Run tab, within the Block Editor. In the Expression Editor, choose “Time Since Start of block”. Then, select “Is Less Than Or Equal To”. Next to the Value enter 300,000 for your 5-minute time frame. Also, under the When to Run tab, next to Present the trials on this block, select “While the condition expression is true”.