randomizing number lists


I’m new to Superlab. I’ve been trying to program different basic experiments and now I’m facing some problems.

I would like to present the subject the following stimulus: three random numbers (00 through 99) in a column. I would like to present this stimulus, let’s say ten times (i.e. ten series). I had no problems setting these three numbers in a column, but I still have trouble to randomize those numbers independently. I’ve managed to get random numbers but I get the same number three times (e.g. 17, 17, 17; 23, 23, 23; etc).

Additionally, how do I program a stimuli chosen from a list in such a way that it’s presented a limited number of times? I mean if I set a stimuli list with 100 numbers, how do I get this stimulus to be presented just ten times and not 100 times?

Thanks in advance!


Hi again…

Since I posted the previous message I figured out a couple of things and got more confused regarding others…

First, keep in mind that I’m an absolute beginner :slight_smile:

I’ve found out about macros, and how to limit the stimuli presentation a number of times, e.g. how to present X times a stimuli created from a list of Y items.

I’m still struggling with creating a random list of numbers. I can display three numbers in a column and randomize them, but still all I got is the same number repeted three times…

Finally, how to make sure the same number is not repeated in the same column?

Thanks again for your patience! :slight_smile:


Hi Alvaro,

I have attached an experiment that should be of some help. Unfortunately, there is a bug in SuperLab that is causing some of the numbers to overlap one another. With the release of SuperLab 4.0.8, which should be in a few weeks, the bug will be fixed.

Alvaro.zip (2.73 KB)

Monika, thanks for your answer! However, I cannot open the file you posted. I guess I forgot to tell you that I’m using Superlab 4.0.4…


Please download the latest version of SuperLab from the following link: http://www.superlab.com/v4/