Randomizing issue and response screens

Dear fellow users of Superlab,
How are you? I hope that you’re all enjoying the new version. I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with response screens in Superlab. I had originally set it so that all items from the two groups of stimuli that I am using would refer to one of two response screens which subsequently provide feedback depending upon the response. I needed to do this instead of modifying the feedback option in the stimulus itself as I need to control the amount of time of exposure for each stimulus. The response screen works fine in isolation and if I create a preset random order of events. However, it will not work if it is set to immediately follow the stimuli. Normally, I would not mind setting a preset random order and just make several trials, but, unfortunately, every time I change the order of events, it changes them for all the trials. Is there anyway to pair two events together to be randomized together? Or is there a way to fix my issue with the failure of the response screen to work when immediately following an event?

Thanks much,

Hi Jason,

I tried calling you on Wednesday but got a voice mail saying that I had called outside of normal hours :confused:. I was only 11 AM in California.

Anyway, please call me at your convenience on Monday at 800.233.7871. Your questions are faster answered over the phone.


Dear Jason,
I have similar problems like yours.Could you pls.write me what Hisham told you:)
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