Randomizing from a stimulus list within an event

This seems like it should be such an easy thing, but I can’t figure it out. So, under Events, I have three items: “Instructions”, “Cue”, and “Items for RT.” Under Trials, I have “Instructions” linked to the “Instructions” from Events; and “RT Task” linked to “Cue” and “Items for RT” from Events. The “Cue” is just a fixation cross, that should appear before each stimulus presentation. “Items for RT” is a list of words, that I want to present in random order. Any ideas? I know (think?) I can expand the stimulus list into different events per item, but that would make things messy. This is only one of the tasks, among at least 4 more. What’s more, each of the 4 relies on the same word (i.e., the same stimulus list). I’m sure this is really simple, but I can’t seem to hack it. :frowning:

To randomize, you need to do this at the block level. Double-click on your block to edit. The Block Editor appears. Click on the Randomize tab and turn on the randomization option.

The manual describes in more detail why this needs to be done at the block level.

Hmm, but each Block has 2 trials (one Instructions, one task), and randomizing at he Block level leads to the task being presented before the instructions sometimes. And if I randomize at the Trial level (checking “Except the first one” because each Trial is a Cue and stimulus presented from a list, requiring a response), the stimuli are still presented in the original order. So, it looks like I have to present my instructions in a Block of its own. Is that right?

Yes, the instructions need to be in a separate block to make sure that they appear first.

Ok, thanks!

Theoretically, you could also present the instructions via a Macro, but putting them in a separate block makes it easier to follow.