randomizing events in list, part 2

On the same topic of having a list of stimuli consist of picture files in multiple folders:

In this program (which is very simple), I have a block named “Pilot Test” and I have a “trial” named “Pilot List”, and then I have a “single” event named “Pilot Faces”.

I edited the “Pilot List” trial block and selected “randomize the events”

I also created a stimulus list using the “add folders” feature (there are 4 folders in the list, each with 5 picture files for a total of 20 faces).

Although the faces appear in the exact order as in each of the folders, and the files that appear are shown in the exact folder order, nonetheless, the codes written out in the data file in the rightmost column ARE randomized … just as if the stimuli had appeared in a random order. So randomization is only working on the codes that appear in the data file!