randomizing blocks


how can i have superlab randomize between 2 separate blocks (i.e. half of the participants get one block, the other half gets the other) without necessarily randomizing trials?


Just an unofficial reply by a fellow customer, but it sounds like you want to have a counter-balanced design where some subjects get one block or set of blocks, and others get a different block or set of blocks. If you set up different groups for each different set of blocks, then you can go to Experiment -> Participant Groups -> <group-name> -> Blocks To Run and specify which blocks will be run for each group. Then if you randomly assign subjects to groups, then you will have randomized blocks.

I’ve not tested this, it’s just something I came across as I was exploring Superlab. It looks like it should work, though.

Greg Shenaut

Greg is correct. SuperLab won’t randomly select the groups for you, but if you randomly assign people to a group on your own, you will get the same effect.

thank you so much.

very appreciative…