Randomizing a subset of a stimuli from a list

Is it possible to program Superlab 5 to randomly choose a subset of stimuli?

For example, I have a list of 50 stimuli, but I only want the participant to see 20 of them. Can I program Superlab 5 to choose a random 20 from the list of 50 without replacement?

Generating randomly selected subsets from stimulus lists will be a feature in SuperLab 6.

As for SuperLab 5, take a look at the experiment that I have attached. See that although the stimulus list contains 10 stimuli, the trial is only set to present 5 times, of which each presentation is selected randomly without replacement.

randomSubset.sl5 (3.36 KB)

Would you like access to SuperLab 6 so that you can use said feature?

I have Superlab5 and the news piece on the main cedrus site said that it’s going to be a free upgrade when released, which it hasn’t been yet. However, I’d take it now if it’s offered.