Randomization of text stimulus list and picture stimulus list


Sorry if this has already been answered, but I am yet to find such a forum in my searches.

I am hoping to create an experiment whereby words and pictures are presented simultaneously. The words will be taken from a stimulus list of 20 possible words (randomized) and the pictures taken from a stimulus list of 2 (also randomized). After each presentation, I would like the screen to clear with an ISI.

Could someone advise on a) how to create a stimulus list of pictures small enough to fit on the same screen as a word, and b) how to order the trials/ events so that the pictures and text are presented simultaneously?


To present word and picture lists simultaneously:

  • create two events that use stimulus lists and place them within the same trial

  • disable Erase screen… options appropriately

  • have the first event end immediately

  • change their positions on the screen so that they do not overlap

See the attached experiment.

simultaneous.zip (19.7 KB)

Thank you! You’ve helped greatly :slight_smile: