randomization help

Hello everyone, I have a question, hope you can help me with this one.

Im doing a simple experiment, but I have a problem, there is a point where I have an event that says something like this:



What I would like to happen is that everytime a participant run the program, this particular trial go random, so the trial shows a random alternative each time the participant gets there. I would like only the OPTIONS to vary.

I’ve been reading the posts about randomization, but I havent got much luck doing it work. Thank you.

If this is all that would be in the trial, you could create your two configurations each as an event. Randomize the events in the trial, and then configure each (through feedback) to skip the remaining events in the trial. As a result, only one of the two would be presented.

A more complicated alternative would be to split the question and options into multiple events, positioning the options with randomized trial variables. The former method would probably be the better option.

it worked, thank you Hank!