Randomising experiments

A student of mine wants to randomise her pictures in the stimulus list and after each picture is presented a cue page and a response page. We don’t want them to be random only the picture. How do we do this?

Thank you

Does your student want a different cue page and response page after each picture?

No they want to present the same thing after each picture

You would include the Stimulus list, cue, and Participant’s Response in the same Trial. Then “randomize the trials in this block” which is under the Block Editor.

radimising experiments

Hello again, I have randomised the trial within the block but the stimulus is being presented in the wrong order. It should be a + cue, a picture and then a response page.

Thank you

Hannah’s Experiment.zip (2.03 KB)

You need to randomize under the Block level, not the trial level.