Hi, I have two stimulus lists. A list of same faces and a list of different faces. I wanted them to be completely random, for example same same different same different different different same etc

Instead they alternate in a pattern like this same different same different same different.

I have tried absaloutly everything, I’ve made sure randomisation is ticked, I’ve tried the box underneath it, I have tried sooo many combinations of things and nothing is working. Please please help me I have no idea what’s wrong please I am really desperate.

Create two trials - one per stimulus list - and randomize at the block level. The key is to also select randomize stimulus list items across trials.

I’ve attached an experiment that applies this feature.

randomizeListsAcross.sl5 (4.07 KB)

Hi, I have tried two trials, one per stimulus list, and I have also tried randomising stimulus list items across trials, I have tried every possible thing. Nothing is working. I am so desperate, please help me.

Interesting. Can you attach an experiment file of one of your attempts? I will try to modify it accordingly and better understand your situation.

two tasks

Hi, I wanted two tasks but I wanted to have them in just one experiment. So task A has two stimulus lists and task B has two stimulus lists as well, but they are 2 completely different tasks, but I just want them to be in one experiment so participants can first complete task A, and then do task B.

As I have two stimulus lists for each task, will I be able to randomise them but randomise only the two stimulus lists and not randomise all 4 stimulus lists together, as they are 2 separate tasks.

I know this is slightly confusing, I’ve tried to summarise it below :slight_smile:

task A - 2 stimulus lists - want the pictures to be randomised
task B - 2 stimulus lists - want the pictures to be randomised.

however I do not want the 4 stimulus lists to be randomised together as the tasks are separate, they just will be in one experiment.

Thank you so much

This can be done by implementing two different blocks, one per task. They should both contain their own two trials and stimulus lists. I have attached an experiment that demonstrates this. One block randomizes letters and numbers together; the other randomizes words and non-words together.

Please take a look at the experiment and let me know if you have any more questions.

differentTasks.sl5 (6.08 KB)