If I have 3 stacks of 10 events (stack 1, 2, and 3), and three triles (a,b, and c) where each trial is assosiated with its own stack of events (a with 1, b with 2, and c with 3) if I then randomise the triles and events will I get total randomisation with all 30 events eventually being displayed?


Trial b - Stack 2(event7)
Trial a - Stack 1(event4)
Trial c - Stack 3(event9)
Trial a - Stack 1(event6)
Trial b - Stack 2(event5)

and so on…

From the description it sounds like a total of 30 trials. In that case, you can randomize under the Block level (randomize the trials in the block) and all 30 will be presented.

Yes, that worked. Thank you