randomisation issues

Hello I am wondering if you can help me. I need to randomise one part of an experiment. I have attached the experiment for you. Under the final block I need the stimulus to be random but not the other parts. Is this possible?

Thank you

Laura VIII (autobackup).zip (1.62 MB)

There are five events attached to the last block. What is the name of the event you would like randomized? Is there more than one?

We want to randomise the letter string which is the last event please

Sorry I have another 2 questions. Is it possible to randomise the rating of the photos- basically I have 2 sets of photos and I want different participants to see one set first and then the other set and vice versa. Also after my intial instructions page before I’ve pressed anything, a white screen appears.

Thank you

Sorry another question; if I wanted to see whether someone responded incorrectly, however the input is selected as any answer is correct, is there a way I can tell that they responded incorrectly?

The way you have your experiment linked, you will not be able to randomize that event alone because it is attached to the same trial as the other events.

Regarding your question about different participants getting different stimuli, you can use the Participant Groups feature to do this. Participant Groups is found under the Experiment menu. When you go to run the experiment you would choose the participant group you want when the Run Experiment window comes up.

Your question regarding marking incorrect responses, yes this is possible within SuperLab. Please see the SuperLab Manual under Chapter 3. There is a section called “Determining the Correct Response”. Under this section it explains how to setup correct and incorrect responses.

Thank you Monika