Random selection of stimuli from list interspersed with blank screen


I’ve found threads on here concerning problems similar to mine, but not one that addresses my problem exactly, so apologies if this gets repetitive!

My experiment consists of presenting one image randomly selected from a list of a possible four, with each image presentation separated by a blank screen.

Could you advise on how to do this?

If a trial contains a stimulus list, then it will repeat for as many times as there are items within that list. This means that any other event in the trial will be repeated as well.

So then, within a single trial, create an event that presents from a stimulus list holding your four images and include an Inter-Stimulus Interval (ISI) that erases the screen.

Also, don’t forget to randomize the stimulus list order via List Access in the trial editor.

I have attached a small experiment as example.

spaceBetweenStim.sl5 (3.38 KB)

There is a more practical method than creating a separate trial and stimulus list for every presentation. In your design, will stimuli that are not initially selected eventually be presented?