Random placement?

I’ve been going through some of the sample experiments, and noticed that they use the same images all the time (having to make hundreds of images for an experiment, which is time consuming and laborious for students who are rushing to finish their thesis work)

Is there not a way to randomly place objects on the screen? I’ve noticed that the input all seems to be picture/movie files that are premade, rather than giving the experimenter flexibility with coding.

We were hoping to use the software for enumeration and multiple object tracking research, where each presentation is randomized, but I have been unable to find any way of doing that.

What sample experiments are you referring to? Is there one that is similar to what you would like to achieve that you can point out?

When you say “randomly place objects on the screen” would Trial Variables work for you? This is found under the Experiment menu within SuperLab. There is a Trial Variable for Screen Location.