random order at Block, Trial and Event Level query

Please see attached zip file for the experiment.

In the experiment I am programming I have 3 groups - A, B and C. Each of these group need to run 3 blocks over 3 sets of images. For each participant group the images (presented in stimulus lists) are assigned to a different block (this will make sense if you look at the attached experiment).

My problem is this:

For each group I want the order of the 3 trials randomly selected, but I want all the events in each trial to run (also in a random order) before going on to the next trial. In the version I have attached I have selected randomise per participant at Block and Trial level - this leads to an event being selected randomly from one of the three trials and it randomises accross the whole experiment… which is not what I want… If I only select randomise at the trail level then both the trials and the events are presented sequentially… I can partly achive what I want by expanding the lists and randomising at trial level but this does not quite fit with what the student wants me to achieve…

Any help would be welcome!

Example.zip (70.5 KB)

Instead of three Participant Groups, A, B and C, try using six. Neutral, Exaggerated and Suppressed can be ordered into six different combinations before having to repeat.

Each Participant Group gets one of the six combinations at run-time. Please see the sample experiment.

Lisa M Example.zip (2.2 KB)

Hi Monika,

I found that the solution was in fact to expand all the stimulus lists and use them as individual stimuli events - that way the randomisation works as expected.