Radomization of STIM. List.

First of all, Im’ very sorry about my english (what it is not my first language).
My experiment event consists like below.


Fixation -> Picture1 Prime -> Picture2

Text ‘+’ -> Stim List (16 Pictures) -> Stim List (100 Pictures)

Every time, Pairing Picture1 & Picture 2 is same
I’ve read all thread about Randomization STIM. List on the discussion list.
And also i know that Superlab 4.0 can’t randomize the STIM. List automatically.
But still confusing.

Im just wondering
how other researchers program an experiment regrading as Randomization.
Do all reseachers try randomization in every single subject manually?

Please let me know how do i have to do for convenient randomization in STIM. List.


Dear Taeho,

Because Picture 2 uses a stimulus list with 100 items, the trial will be presented 100 times. SuperLab 4 takes the stimulus list with the most items.

As for the Picture1 Prime, after SuperLab has used all 16 items in it, it will restart cho0sing items from the beginning.

I hope this helps,