Question about participant conditions: one file vs many

Hi there,

I’m busy constructing a psychological experiment using Superlab 4.0, and I’ve hit a bit of a snag, which I hope someone can help me. Our experiment has a number of variables, and each participant will one condition/cell only. For example, if our variables were gender (male/female), age (>25, <25), and handedness (right/left), then each participant in our experiment would only be in one experimental cell (male, >25, right handed). Each cell has different stimuli used, and this is very important.
Is it at all possible to create an array which lists all the different variables, and their sublevels, with perhaps an ID (e.g., in the example above this could be: M_O_RH), and this ID references the different filepaths for the specific stimuli needed for that experimental condition. At the moment, I don’t know how to do this, and I am worried that we will need as many Superlab files as we have conditions/cells… it would be much easier, if there was only one file.
Pls bear in mind that we are collectign data from multiple participants, each sitting at different computer.
I hope to hear from you! Thanks. :slight_smile:

It is not possible to create the lists the way you’ve described them. However, you can use the Participant Group feature where each group will run only the selected blocks. When you go to run the experiment and you get the small dialog where you get to enter the participant’s name, etc., you can also choose the participant group on the fly.

Hi Hisham.

Thanks for your response. I figured that the participant group would be the way to go as well. My biggest problem is that I have 72 groups (I actually have 144, but one variable doesn’t affect the experiment). Do you know is there is any way to manually program an array which will store filepaths for stimuli, in order to avoid making 72 participant groups ?

There isn’t at present, sorry.