PWIP RT data and Cedrus Data Viewer


I am putting a PWIP experiment in which the word is presented either 100ms before picture presentation, simultaneously with picture presentation, or 100ms after the picture presentation. When I run the experiment, it looks fine.

However, when I look at what was recorded, the RTs don’t correspond to the right event: I am only interested in obtaining picture naming RTs, but when I look at the Cedrus Data, the RTs are shown in the same row as the cue (which shouldn’t be capturing a RT). This is primarily for the 0ms condition. My question: Is the responses being recorded at the time of the cue because the individual is speaking too slowly?

I have attached the experiment but I don’t think the Data Viewer (saved in Excel) will attach–or at least I can’t seem to get it to attach.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

PWIP Trial (110 KB)

still need help on this issue…


I am still awaiting a reply to my question. Would it help if I sent the Data Viewer content as well? Can’t seem to upload Excel files…Thanks for any input or suggestions.

FYI One of the 0ms trials is set differently from the other; I did this purposely to see what would come up on the Data Viewer but neither settings seems to work.

In SuperLab it is always the last presented event that collects the data, so if a picture is followed by a word, and a participant responds during the word the data file will show it’s the word event that collected the response.

However, it is still important to be careful how the “Reset RT timer” option is used so that at least the collected RT is measured relative to the onset of your stimulus.