Pulse sending

Hi, we have been working with Superlab Pro and the event-related potentials system Neuroscan, sending triggers from digital output without any problem. But now, with SuperLab 4.0 seems to be impossible to send Triggers (pulses) using the same proces.

With Superlab Pro, we just link a trial with two events (trigger and event). The trigger was defined as a digital output in the option “generate pulse…” and only changeing the value of the pulses in every event containing a trigger we can send a lot of diferent triggers for different events.

Now, with Superlab 4.0 we can only send the first trigger.

Anybody knows how to do the same we made with Superlab Pro with Superlab 4.0؟؟?؟?؟?

What are device are you using to send the output? Are you using SuperLab 4.0.2?

Yes, we are useing the 4.0.2 version of Superlab an the same I/O card and cable used with Superlab Pro without any problem.

What type of I/O card are you using? Is it a Measurement Computing card?

Am I understanding correctly that the first digital output event in the experiment works as expected, but none of the rest do? Does this claim hold true if you reorder the events? What if you test the events in the event editor–do the events work then?

Yes, we are useing a Measurement Computing Card, the same card we use with the older version without any problem. Tis card was provided by cedurs when we bought the older version.

In order to send pulses with Superlab Pro, first we must Raise all the lines “lowered”, sending the pulse “255”. We do it attaching this event wit an irrelevant trial like a page of the introduction and then, we can send all the pulses we want by the method of Generate a Pulse…
But now, with SuperLab 4.0.1 theres no way for do it. I can send diferent pulses if previous exists another event for Raise all the lines “lowered” but it generates problems with the timming of the new pulses…and it’s not a good way for do it.


Please upgrade your copy of SuperLab to 4.0.2. If the problem persists, let me know.


I just realized that you mention using version 4.0.2, but you also mention using 4.0.1. Which one is used?