Pseudo randomization and loop


I’m trying to design an experiment where there is a probability of 50% that the input of the participant is followed by a feedback. But there shouldn’t be more than 3 trials in a row with (or without) feedback.

I’ve tried to adapt the tutorial present in this topic (

but it doesn’t work, either because superlab only present trials without feedback 16 times in a row or it just present one trial wih feedback and one without feedback.

IB (138 KB)

The other part of the experiment is with a feedback that has 75% chance of happening. I only need a pseudo randomization since the test subject has to get used to the highe probability of feedback.

I’ve manged to get to this point, but with my design, superlab quit the block at random point (between 8 and 16 trials most of the time…)

perhaps it is the same problem as the design in the previous post, but I can’t see what i can do to prevent this…

you will find attached the experiement package

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ib (49.3 KB)

ib (139 KB)

For your events “Clock” and “Clock Action” the stimuli was not in the zip file. Can you post them?

here is the package with the clock video stimulus. it’s the same in both condition.

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ib 75% with (139 KB)

I think this will be easiest answered over the telephone. I will contact you via private message to set up a time.