problems with video clips

It is to bring to your kind attention that while using SUPERLAB I am facing following problems:-

  1. The SUPERLAB is unable to play large video file so I have to break the video files into small clips.
  1. While there is a transition from one clip to another, a blank screen appear for few milliseconds (which can be removed in case of picture file but not in case of moviefile). Please help me with this.
  1. Now if there are multiple paradigms(trials) in one block, and each trial is consisting of multiple clips and multiple images(slides), in such case SUPERLAB either hangs or shows error with respect to image files.

Kindly help with these problems.

What size is your movie file? What version of SuperLab are you using? Go to the Help menu, then choose About SuperLab 4.0. The current version is SuperLab 4.0.7b.