Problems with SL 4.0.5

I’ve installed SuperLab 4.0.5 update, and it caused some weird problems:

  1. When opening SuperLab, the usual entrance screen appears, but the picture/logo and the written words are in mirror writing…
  2. The editing menus are right alignment.
  3. The most problematic: in the linking process, although clicking on the checkboxes, no change is seen in it – no mark is appears or disappears. Apparently, no link or unlink has been done, but after minimizing/maximizing the internal window – the change that has been done on the checkbox is now seen (the linking/unlinking)… so, it is actually impossible to design because every time you should mess with the window to check the links between the block, the trials and the events.

We use Windows XP Professional. As far as I know, since SuperLab 4 first installed from the CD, no updates have been installed. We have also tried to install the update after uninstall SuperLab and reinstall it, but there is no difference.
I don’t know if it’s relevant, because we use the English version of Windows XP, but maybe the fact that we use Hebrew on this computer – a language which written from right to left – have a connection to those problems.

I think the fact that you are using a Hebrew system is very relevant, though I am puzzled as to why it’s happening now and didn’t before. I’ll see if we can duplicate this behavior in the lab and fix it.

Thanks anyway.

I had the same problem with hebrew and I solved this.

U should change language definitions in the control pannel -
I’m not sure what was the relevant window
(but I think it’s in the advanced options window- change to English)

I don’t remember if I had to uninstall and install again the superlab after changing the language definitions but u’ll see if it’s needed.


Many thanks! I’ll try it.

To see a screenshot that shows exactly where to go in the Windows Control Panel in order to fix this problem, please visit this forum thread started by Tzvi.